Judicial Mediation Support

We can offer support to Claimants with judicial mediation, providing advice and support to see if a settlement can be reached.

Judicial mediation is an alternative way of resolving employment disputes that that are being taken to a tribunal. An advantage over going to a full tribunal hearing is that resolutions such as references and recommendations can be agreed, which cannot form part of a tribunal order. The parties will normally be asked at an early stage of certain cases (usually the more complex cases such as discrimination and whistleblowing) if they want to consider judicial mediation. It is entirely voluntary and both parties would need to agree for it to proceed.

On the day of the mediation, an employment judge with mediation training will try to facilitate a settlement by shuttling between the parties. It is a private, relatively informal process where parties are free to communicate their thoughts and what they believe to be a fair settlement to a judge, without facing the other party.

If the mediation is successful it will be concluded on the day by way of a binding agreement via ACAS. If a settlement is not reached, the case could still be settled before a final hearing and the mediation will not prejudice the parties in any way.

Our team has extensive experience of supporting judicial mediations both in person and online (which has been the method of delivery since March 2020). Our support would usually be limited to an initial consultation in advance and support on the day of the hearing. Our fee for this starts at £750 + VAT (free support or subsidised rates are available in some cases).

Please note: YESS Law is able to assist with judicial mediation as it is a process centred around settlement. YESS does not litigate and cannot represent clients at any other part of the tribunal process.

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