Fees for employers

We offer two different possibilites for Employers. Either you can instruct us yourself or you can refer your Employees to us for advice.

If you’re our client

We offer a range of fees depending on your organisation’s size and financial circumstances.

Fixed Fees £500 – £750 plus VAT

Fixed fees are usually agreed for an initial consultation and advice package. This generally includes reading up to 25 pages in preparation, meeting with you for 1-2 hours and providing a detailed letter of advice.

Hourly Rates £ 150 – £250 per hour plus VAT

Hourly rates are a good option when you need ongoing support and advice but are not sure how much work you would like us to undertake. You can always set a limit on the amount of work you want us to do so that costs are minimised.


If you refer your Employee for initial advice

Settlement Agreements

We can advise an employee from your company on the terms of a Settlement Agreement, including the rights they are compromising.

Our fees start from £350 + VAT depending on the complexity of the agreement.



£600 – £1,500 plus VAT per annum

Ever had a one-off employment law question but not wanted to call a lawyer and incur huge costs? We have a solution. Our retainer arrangement allows you to pay a one off fee that covers all your one off questions for the whole year.

So each time you have a question about a new matter – you’re covered.

Then, if you need follow up advice or support on that issue, we would charge an agreed hourly rate.

Charitable status

We are a charity so cannot make a profit. Any surplus will be spent on the provision of pro bono employment advice aimed at resolving disputes.

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