Our fee structure for employees

We offer transparent fees for employees including, fixed fees, reasonable hourly rates and other fee arrangements agreed by you. We offer reduced fees to those on a low income.

The following sets out the average time and cost, but it may be more (if the dispute is longstanding) or less (if the dispute is about one discrete issue or you are on a very low income):

1. Free Call

We offer everyone a free 10 minute call. If you decide you need further assistance then one of the below fee structures will be agreed with you depending on the circumstances.

2. Settlement Agreements £350 – £1,000 plus VAT

We can advise on the terms of an agreement and assist with any related negotiations.We try to keep your costs within the contribution made towards legal fees by your employer.However the fee depends on the complexity of the agreement and the amount of negotiations involved.

3. Advice & Negotiations

We can provide you with advice and assistance regarding any employment related matter. This ranges from one off consultation meetings to drafting documents, to conducting or assisting with any negotiations with your employer.

We offer:

Fixed Fees £300 – £900 plus VAT

Fixed fees are usually agreed for an initial consultation and advice package. This generally includes reading up to 25 pages in preparation, meeting with you for 1-2 hours and providing a advice in writing.

Hourly Rates – £100 – £250 per hour plus VAT

We provide advice charged at hourly rates. The amount we charge depends on your personal circumstances and how complicated your case is.

One of our solicitors will discuss which option is the best for you.

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