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YESS and The Fawcett Society are thrilled to be working together to provide advice about Equal Pay. Following a very generous donation by Carrie Gracie, YESS is providing a free legal advice service to people earning under £30,000 a year on their equal pay rights and how to resolve any concerns or disputes they have about Equal Pay.

If you know or suspect you are being paid less than a particular person of the opposite sex, then your employer may be acting unlawfully if the reason for that difference is your sex. If you earn under £30,000, you may be eligible for free expert legal advice* from us to help to resolve the problem. If you earn £30,000 or more you can access the same top quality advice, under our affordable fees model.

What is Equal Pay?

Equal pay is not about fair pay, it’s about equal pay between men and women. There may be a lawful reason why two people are paid differently for equivalent work. If there is not, then the law can impose an “equality clause” which allows the person to receive their back pay and to be paid the right amount in future, if they are still employed.

Equal Pay ought to be paid to people who do:

  1. Work which is the same or broadly similar (like work).
  2. Work rated as equivalent under a job evaluation scheme, which is an analytical exercise carried out by an employer, (work rated as equivalent)
  3. Work which is different but of equal value in terms of the demands on the worker. This often needs an expert to say whether the effort, skills, decision-making are equal for each job (work of equal value).

If you think this applies to you, can you point to a ‘comparator’ – someone of the opposite sex who is getting paid more than you to perform that work? In most cases this needs to be a real person but sometimes it may be possible to use a theoretical person. This can be confusing and complicated, which is why this scheme has been established to help you through the legal points.

If you would like some more detailed information on Equal Pay take a look at our Factsheet. Or if you are ready to take advice, click one of the options below:

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*Eligibility for advice depends on earnings. Please note we can only advise clients who live and work in England and Wales

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