If you've been offered a Settlement Agreement, it must meet certain conditions.  You must also be advised by a “relevant independent adviser”.

At YESS Law we will take the time to explain the terms and effect of your agreement and offer you friendly and practical advice.

  • Expert

    Advice from an experienced specialist employment solicitor


    We act in your best interests


    We explain everything in a way you can understand


    We will talk through your options and help you to make decisions


    We can work to the deadline you have been given


     Advice is given by telephone or online, agreements are signed electronically

  • FREE

    The employer pays the legal fees in most cases

Did your employer give you our details?

Lots of employers, when you have been offered a settlement agreement, give out our details as we are well known for this type of work.

We are completely independent and have no connection with your employer. You are free to choose any solicitor you wish to advise you on your settlement agreement.

What our clients say

Trustree and Solicitors profile

YESS’s service was excellent. They made a very stressful process much easier to understand and be a part of.

Trustree and Solicitors profile

I just wanted to send a short note to say thank you for your support with my redundancy.

I was paid my settlement just prior to Christmas which allowed me to relax and feel far more positive about the situation over the holidays

Trustree and Solicitors profile

You have been far more helpful and kind, than I could have possibly imagined. Thank you!

Trustree and Solicitors profile

Your organisation was a massive support to me at a very stressful time, so really can’t thank you all enough

Who we are

We are an employment law charity, offering affordable and practical employment law support.

Our experienced solicitors are focused on resolving workplace matters quickly and without fuss.

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