What is mediation?

A workplace mediator will conduct a series of confidential discussions aimed at finding solutions to workplace problems.  The goal is to find solutions that work for both employee and employer.

The benefits of a workplace mediator

Mediation can help with workplace problems.  It can be used at any stage of a workplace dispute and is very flexible.

To find out whether mediation is right for you, contact us using our form telling us a little about the situation, and a mediation co-ordinator will be in touch.

  • Less stressful

    Workplace mediation is less stressful than grievances and the employment tribunal.

  • Quick to arrange

    Workplace mediation is quick and easy to set up online. Parties do not have to meet in person for the mediation unless they want to. Workplace mediation can take place over a single day or a series of shorter sessions. Workplace mediation can drastically reduce the manangement time spent on a workplace issue. 

  • More control and certainty

    Parties have more control over the outcomes than in an employment tribunal. A workplace mediator can promote more creative solutions.

  • Minimises legal costs

    Swift solutions are possible, saving legal fees.

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