An employer can offer a settlement agreement for several reasons.  This could be to resolve a dispute with an employee, or to set out enhanced redundancy terms.

As our name suggests, YESS lawyers are experts in preparing settlement agreements for employers or advising on settlement agreements for employees.

If you need help offering settlement agreements to employees, we can:

  • Advise you of any legal claims your employee may have and how best to resolve these.
  • Draft a tailored settlement agreement.  We will help you to offer this to your employee in a way that maximises your chance of reaching an agreement. Also, we will seek to protect your position if your employee decides not to accept your offer.
  • Deal with any queries the employee’s solicitor may have and conduct negotiations on your behalf.
  • Advise you by phone or video call. There is no need for an in-person meeting with us.
Settlement Agreement negotiation

If you are offering one or more employees a settlement agreement and they need independent legal advice*

You may already have solicitors or HR professionals helping you.  We can:

  • Advise hundreds of employees on settlement agreements every year.
  • Provide a friendly, personal service and will make things as smooth as possible for your employee.
  • look after large groups of employees who need advice on settlement agreements within a short time frame.


If you are considering recommending us to a group of employees, you are welcome to contact us to let us know in advance so that we can make sure we have solicitors available.

You are welcome to download our information to pass to your employee.

*Please note that your employee is free to choose their own adviser, and we will make this clear to them if they contact us. Passing our details to your employee does not oblige them to instruct us, nor does it oblige us to act for them. If your employee chooses to instruct us, they will be our client and we will always act in their best interests.


Trustree and Solicitors profile

Damiana Casile

Head of People Operations - Oodle Car Finance

At Oodle Car Finance we want employees to have a pleasant experience, even during difficult times and the way YESS Law has helped them navigate difficult documents and situations has not only been helpful to them, but reassuring for us to know that everything was dealt in a timely way with no unnecessary delays.