YOUR EMPLOYMENT SETTLEMENT SERVICE is an employment law charity registered with the Charity Commission as number 1155344 and a company limited by guarantee at Companies House as number 8838317. Our memorandum and articles of association are available from Companies House.

An extract from the memorandum of association appears below:

YOUR EMPLOYMENT SETTLEMENT SERVICE operates for the public benefit, to promote the resolution of conflict and disputes between employers and employees, without recourse to litigation.

The objective is to relieve the social and economic costs of litigation and equivalent procedures including but not limited to:

  1. providing and supporting the provision of advice services to employees;
  2. providing mediation services;
  3. facilitating the early resolution of disputes including where appropriate, effecting a reconciliation between employers and employees;
  4. undertaking research to create models for dispute resolution between employers and employees, and to improve understanding of the causes of conflict and dispute in the workplace, and disseminating the results of such research to the public;
  5. providing training to employers and producing publications on the promotion of conflict avoidance, early dispute resolution and employment law.

Who we are

We are an employment law charity, offering affordable and practical employment law support. Our experienced solicitors are focused on resolving workplace disputes without litigation.

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