Our Story

YESS was established as a charity in 2014, offering affordable employment law advice to employees and employers who want to resolve problems at work without going to an employment tribunal.  We support clients throughout England and Wales.

All our solicitors have actively chosen to step away from litigation.  We saw the stress, costs, time and career damage associated with bringing a claim to tribunal and wanted to focus solely on resolving workplace problems outside a formal court setting. Our aim is to effectively address problems in a timely, cost-effective way.

We provide cost-effective employment law services by charging affordable fees and resolving issues early using a blend of practical advice, negotiation and mediation.

Our focus on conflict avoidance means that employees can often stay in their role and move forward with better working relationships, rather than leave in unpleasant circumstances.

If the working relationship is beyond repair, we concentrate on achieving a settlement that is fair and allows our client to move forward.

If we do not reach agreement we help our client to find support with preparing or responding to an employment tribunal claim, from a solicitor, a direct access barrister or other advice agency.


We work closely with other organisations to promote early resolution and explore other methods of avoiding legal disputes.  The fees we generate from our private employment law services help to fund this work and enable us to support clients suffering financial hardship free of charge or at significantly reduced rates.

You can find out more about our current funded projects by clicking below.


March - YESS is born

April - Acas mandatory Early Conciliation process comes into force

September - YESS writes new guidance on pregnancy, maternity and breastfeeding for the Equality and Human Rights Commission website


YESS and Maternity Action commissioned by the Equality and Human Rights Commission to produce SME toolkit for the management of pregnancy, maternity and breastfeeding in the workplace. 


July - Employment tribunal fees removed by the Supreme Court. Issued cases rise sharply.


February – YESS and Maternity Action pilot a joint casework project supporting pregnant and new mothers in the workplace.

October - YESS Equal Pay Advice Service launches in conjunction with Fawcett Society, funded by a donation from Carrie Gracie


March – YESS celebrates 5 years of providing affordable practical employment law advice with a reception kindly hosted by Old Square Chambers.


March - YESS switches to 100% remote advice provision due to the Covid-19 pandemic

April-July – YESS provides emergency advice to women in London experiencing pregnancy and maternity discrimination as a result of the pandemic (in partnership with Maternity Action)

August – YESS and Maternity Action launch joint 3-year national casework project – Supporting New Mothers at Work (funded by the National Community Lottery)

August - YESS and Maternity Action launch joint 3-year national casework project (funded by the National Community Lottery)


March - YESS launches DRAW online mediation service for London-based employees and employers

November – YESS launches London Employment Tribunal Settlement Support Scheme

What our clients say

Trustree and Solicitors profile

To anyone you're helping so expertly at the moment I would say there can be unexpected light at the end of a dark tunnel.

Trustree and Solicitors profile

For the record, I could not have done it without your support. You have provided more than the legal support I asked you for so I really am indebted. Thank you.

Trustree and Solicitors profile

Thank you for all your help and support. I shall definitely recommend you. I loved the way kept on top of each stage and empowered me to get what I deserved.