About YESS

YESS employment lawyers provide
Expert legal advice to employees and employers to
Settle workplace disputes
Saving the time stress and cost of litigating

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We are a team of experienced lawyers with substantial experience of employment litigation and resolving workplace disputes before they get that far. Christine Hows and Saher Osman are qualified mediators. Karen Teago and Christianne Silverwood are Associate Members of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

We understand the stress, costs, time, risks and career damage associated with bringing a claim in the tribunal. With constructive dialogue, we can achieve early settlements which avoid the pain of litigation – and which are often better than can be achieved through litigation.

YESS offers affordable advice to employees and employers who want to resolve problems at work without litigating.

We are different because…

  • We are a non for profit organisation. Success for us is dispute resolution and the avoidance of litigation.
  • Because we do not litigate we are in a better position to seek early settlement through constructive conversations.
  • We aim to avoid conflict arising through improved communication thereby increasing employee retention.
  • If we do not reach agreement we refer clients to a law firm, a direct access barrister or other advice agency to draft a claim or a response to a claim.

What we do

We give pragmatic and strategic advice to employees and employers to help them to resolve a dispute quickly and cost effectively. We are effective negotiators focused on our client’s aims.

Early resolution enables employees to move on with their life and career quickly, often with a financial settlement to tide them over. It keeps stress and legal costs to a minimum.

We can also help employees and employers to preserve the employment relationship if this is possible and desirable to both parties.

Other services

We are work closely with other NGOs and charities to promote early resolution and explore other methods of avoiding legal disputes.

We offer training to employers and other organisations on employment related topics including resolving workplace conflict.  Contact us if you would like more information on training.

Please also see our Mediation and Investigations pages for further information on those services.

Life's too short to litigate